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UPS Solutions Essays

UPS Solutions Essays UPS Solutions Paper UPS Solutions Paper What sort of Information and Services does the site accommodate people, Small Business and Large Business? Rundown these administrations. LIPS Trade Direct or Automated Shipment Processing. Clarify how you or your business would profit by the administration. LIPS gives parcel of administrations where the people, private ventures or huge organizations profit by their administrations. UPS conveys bundles like sends and different records to individuals and association all around the globe. LIPS through site gives the accompanying administrations demonstrated beneath for the people, little and enormous organizations. Data about transportation of bundles ;LIPS Trade Direct (Air, Ocean, Cross Border) ;Tracking Freight (Air, Ocean, Ground) ; Store areas Individuals The site gives part of data and administrations that are helpful for the people when they need to deliver their sends, bundles the nation over or around the world. For instance if an individual needs to convey a bundle quickly without going to UPS and this ovule be the correct answer for the person to utilize the site. People can make a shipment, compute time and cost, plan a pickup and discover the UPS areas close by. People can do this by utilizing the PC just as with the cell phone. LIPS permits the people o track their shipment by different methods by utilizing the track by number, track by reference, and track by email and by SMS following. It permits the clients to follow on continuous premise by utilizing the site. Little and Large Businesses. 2. Go to the Business Solution segment of the LIPS site. Peruse the LIPS business arrangements by class, (for example, shipment conveyance, returns or worldwide exchange) and compose a portrayal of the considerable number of administrations LIPS offered for the classifications. UPS Returns Manage Returns Better and Improve Customer Experience Turn your profits procedure into an upper hand with the assistance of an industry leaderserve your clients better and make an incentive with smoothed out returns the executives and opposite coordinations through SIPS, With UPS Returns, you increase more prominent control and perceivability, so youre never astonished by an approaching bring shipment back. That point of view can expand your effectiveness, let you respond all the more rapidly, and emphatically sway your primary concern. Your clients anticipate solid returns, and addressing their requirements can expand their faithfulness to your business. LIPS Returns can support you: ; Ensure consistence by controlling pace and cost of inbound shipments ; Minimizes mixed up return shipments to an inappropriate stockrooms or fix focuses ; Create and convey business solicitations with return names to worldwide clients ; Forecast volume and modify staffing around inbound returns ; Link shipment data straightforwardly into your client assistance or distribution center tasks ; Maximize quick recuperation of high-esteem products, before they become outdated ; Your organization isn't charged for the transportation off Returns bundle until it is conveyed. Delivery Packages Four Easy Steps to Preparing your Package It can be energizing when you get a bundle, however frustrating it the substance re in under flawless shape, Well tell you the best way to appropriately box substance and mark bundles when you transport so your bundle substance show up in great condition. Follow these four stages: ; Choose a crate sufficiently able to hold the substance. That implies it shouldnt have tears, tears, twists, or other harm. You can utilize your own container or UPS bundling supplies Ideally, youll need to utilize another layered box. ; Select and utilize legitimate padding materials for bundle substance. Wrap things exclusively and encompass them with bubble sheeting and recyclable or froth free fill materials. Substance ought not legitimately contact within the transportation box. ; Securely seal your bundle. Use pressure-delicate plastic or nylon fortified tape that is in any event 2 ninja. 08 CM wide. ;Appropriately name your bundle. Incorporate full transportation directions, for example, postal codes, loft numbers or Other data that will help with conveyance. LIPS web based delivery can assist you with finishing your mark. Make a point to put the name on the bundle and expel any old names or cross out old markings. Secure the mark and abstain from setting it on box creases or tape. Universal Services Reaching new clients and suppliers universally is simpler with an accomplished worldwide transportation master like LIPS. Regardless of whether you need a prudent transportation choice or the quickest conceivable help for earnest shipments, we can give an answer for global shipments of any size. Is Speed What You Need? For your shipments that need to show up as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, LIPS offers on-time express administrations, ordinarily with choices for morning or end of day conveyance. Time in travel ordinarily extends from one to three days relying upon the source and goal nations. Need an Economical Solution? For less-dire shipments, even those that require solid, day-positive conveyance, we have administrations that offer an incredible option for your Time in travel ordinarily extends from two to five days, contingent upon birthplace and goal. Establishing a decent first connection is simple with world-class LIPS administrations working for you. Great impressions mean more customers in new markets for your business, and quicker development around the globe. 3. Clarify how the site helps UPS accomplish a few or the entirety Of the key business destinations we depict. What might be the effect of UPS s business if this site.

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Chaucers Canterbury Tales Essay - Marriage in The Wife of Baths Pro

Marriage in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale The dissimilarity in the results of the witch's marriage and Alison's relationships in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale depends to some degree on the ladies' contrasting desires for their spouses. The witch's modus agendi relies upon a knight's commitment to respect his vow, while Alison's usual way of doing things relies upon her spouses' lead after marriage, for example on her conditions. Having spared the knight's life, the witch requests that the knight license her to be his significant other. In addition, she needs to be his adoration. The knight must wed, since wedding the witch exists in his strength. Since the witch's meaning of being his better half incorporates her caring him, he is compelled by a sense of honor to endure the witch's adoration. Her affection for him requires he demonstrate empathy to her. Perforce of her line of thinking of the upsides of being hitched to her, he acknowledges her sway to have her will. The chains of her charm broken, the witch turns wonderful in the knight's eyes. He becomes hopelessly enamored with her, and she understands the option to run in he...

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Chia Seeds Versus Flax Seeds Whats The Big Difference

Chia Seeds Versus Flax Seeds What’s The Big Difference Being in shape and staying healthy is one of the most important goals we all should pursue.Without health, nothing else matters.Money, power, titles.All of that fades away if you are not healthy.One of the ways of staying healthy is, of course, regular physical activity, like running, workout or even just walking. Whatever suits you the most. A healthy lifestyle makes you feel better and when people feel better, they are happier and more relaxed, which positively affects the health itself.Apart from regular physical activity, it is important to have a healthy diet as well. A lot of diseases could be prevented by using the appropriate diet and choosing the food that is not just healthy, but also helps you feel better and does not negatively affect your stomach.Therefore, a lot of people nowadays tend to use seeds to help improve their digestion and make them feel better by helping them to reduce weight.In this text, we are going to learn something about two types of seeds, chia and fl ax seeds.We will explain what they are, what are their main characteristics, what are the potential benefits they bring and what is the right way of using chia and flax seeds.WHAT ARE CHIA AND FLAX SEEDS?A good thing to start with would be an explanation of what exactly are chia and flax seeds.So strap in and let us begin!Chia seed comes from a plant called Salvia hispanica, which is better known as chia plant among the regular people.It originates from the territory of modern Mexico and Guatemala and it is also known by the name of Salba seed.There are a couple types of chia seed, but the most commonly known are black and white chia seeds.Since they are a bit small, chia seeds should often be used as a whole, so you do not have to cut or open them.On the other side, we have flax seed, which is more commonly known as linseed, which comes from the Middle East.It is shaped differently than chia seed, by being a bit flatter and larger.Flax seeds generally taste like a nut and they are usually brown or golden.Both of these types of seeds can be used as an additive to a large variety of meals, so you can try both and decide which is more suitable for you if you have any doubts.Both chia and flax seeds are very healthy and can help with a lot of health issues, as well as potentially protect you from some of the very serious widespread diseases, like some types of cancer and several cardio-vascular issues.Apart from that, they are very good for maintaining your digestive tract healthy.NUTRITION CHARACTERISTICS OF CHIA AND FLAX SEEDSWhen selecting a type of diet you would want to have, it is very important to choose the food that contains a proper amount of nutritional values in order to keep your body and mind happy.Therefore, if you want to choose between chia and flax seed, it would be a good idea to compare their nutritional values and decide which one is more suitable for you.Nutrient typeChia seedFlaxseedCalories (kcal)490534Carbs (g)43.828.9Fiber (g)37.727.3Pro tein (g)15.618.3Fat (g)30.842.2Omega-3 acids (mg)1755222813Omega-6 acids (mg)57855911Manganese (mg)2.22.5Thiamine (mg)0.6201.6Magnesium (mg)335392Phosphorus (mg)948642Copper (mg)0.21.2Iron (mg)7.725.7Zinc (mg)4.584.3Calcium (mg)631255Potassium (mg)160813All the values listed here are per 100 g. Of course, for different amounts, these numbers change, so it is important to find the perfect balance when you use both chia and flax seeds.One thing to notice from this table of comparisons is that both chia and flax seeds contain a very good amount of nutrients, which is very useful for your health.As for the most important acids, Omega-3, and Omega-6 acids, both chia and flax seeds do nicely, with the addition that flax seeds have a slight advantage by providing a bit more of them.We can also note that flax seeds contain a bit more of some specific minerals, like copper, thiamine, as well as potassium.On the other hand, chia seeds contain more minerals that are used for strengthening our bones and related bone material.Of course, we are talking about calcium and phosphorus.Apart from that, chia seeds have a significantly higher value on carbs and fiber, and also has a bit higher value on iron and zinc.So, the conclusion is, that if you require more vitamins and minerals that are used for strengthening the bones and fiber, you should probably use chia seeds.On the other hand, if your body requires a higher amount of fat, you should consider using flax seed.WHY ARE CHIA AND FLAX SEEDS USEFUL?There are a fair amount of potential positive effects of using the chia or flax seeds.They can be very useful when it comes to keeping your health level on a high note.That is why a lot of doctors recommend using these seeds, not only when people are sick, but also as a type of prevention.If you are a person who doesn’t have any specific health issue but still wants to protect yourself from the potential diseases, you could use chia and flax seeds without a problem.That way you will strengthen your immune system and get some really appropriate protection against a wide range of illnesses, as doctor Sten Ekberg says in his video. That is why we have decided to list some of the most important positive effects that chia and flax seeds can produce if you use them correctly.So strap in and let’s begin!1. Chia and Flax Seeds Lower Heart Disease RiskWe all know how important it is to have a healthy and strong heart.A lot of people die each year because of heart problems, which is one of the main reasons we tend to find some ways to protect the health of our heart and try to prevent some serious heart illnesses to happen.One of the ways this could be done is by regularly using chia or flax seeds. Why exactly is that?Let’s find out!As previously mentioned, both chia and flax seeds contain a large amount of both omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Why is that important now, you may ask?Well, it is because one specific type of acid, called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is ba sed on the omega-3 fatty acid.A couple of studies were conducted and it was debated whether ALA has some positive effect when it comes to the protection against cardiovascular illnesses.The results showed that ALA has been responsible for the decrease in risk related to cardiovascular problems by 14%.In some other study conducted in Costa Rica, on a sample of around 3.700 people, it was tested what is the influence of ALA when it comes to the prevention of heart attacks.The results showed that people who were regularly using products that contain ALA as prevention actually managed to reduce the risk of getting a heart attack by 39%, which is a considerable amount, to be fair.People who were regularly getting around 2 grams of ALA were the ones with the lowest risk of heart attack.Other two big issues related to a heart attack are blood pressure level and cholesterol level.They are usually very important indicators if there is any problem with heart and if those levels are actually h igh, the risk of getting a heart attack also increases.When it comes to blood pressure, both types of seed have a similar effect, with the addition that flax seeds have a slight advantage and decrease the blood pressure a bit more.By using around 30-35 g of either chia or flax seeds on a daily basis, you may lower your blood pressure by 3-10 mm Hg.Apart from that, we have mentioned the cholesterol level. When it comes to that, the results are pretty inconclusive for the effects of chia seeds.There were a couple of studies conducted on this topic, but none of them showed any positive effects regarding the decrease of the blood pressure.But since chia seed offers just slightly less amount of ALA, the studies might be wrong, but that’s yet to be tested.On the other hand, studies have shown that flax seed has a positive effect on reducing blood pressure.The results were clear. If you incorporate flax seeds in your regular diet, you may reduce your bad cholesterol levels by 18%.Despite chia and flax seeds may be useful in this regard, they should be used with caution and in right amount because they have one slightly negative effect.Both chia and flax seeds can cause blood thinning, which is why you should always consult your doctor before starting to use them.2. Chia and Flax Seeds Lower Blood SugarAnother very spread out problem a lot of people in the world have is diabetes.Studies have shown that diabetes and obesity are the two most common health issues that haven’t been put under control even to this date.How could chia and flax seeds help us prevent or just reduce the risk of getting diabetes?Chia and flax seeds have a large percentage of fiber, and the fiber is related to some studies whose results showed that it can reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.Fiber does this by balancing the speed of getting the sugar into our body. It tends to slow down the digestion of carbs and the blood absorption of sugar.All of this produces a positive effect where the amount of sugar that enters the blood system is balanced and is absorbed gradually.What that really means is that fiber has the role to prevent large spikes of blood sugar and to keep it stabilized in order to protect your system from getting a type 2 diabetes.Apart from just having a preventing task, chia and flax seeds could also be used by people who already have diabetes.Some studies show that if people who have diabetes and use around 2 tablespoons of flax seed on a daily bases could stabilize their blood sugar levels and reduce its increase by 8-20% after doing it for approximately two months.Studies done with chia seeds gave similar results.Chia seeds could be used to also stabilize sugar level in your blood and to lower the resistance your body shows against insulin.Now, if you don’t want to experiment with using chia seeds in your everyday meals, you could just eat the bread rich with chia seeds instead.It is proven to be more effective than some traditional food res ponsible for maintaining blood sugar level, like wheat bran, which is also used for decreasing and maintaining a normal level of hemoglobin A1C, which is very important when it comes to maintaining the required blood sugar level.3. Flax vs CancerApart from chia and flax seeds being useful when it comes to preventing heart disease and maintaining normal blood sugar level, they are known to be effective as a protection against some types of cancers, which is a very important feature.As mentioned above, both chia and flax seeds contain a lot of fiber, which is, apart from being useful for issues we have already mentioned, also considered as a nutrient that can reduce the risk of getting cancer, more specifically, a colon or breast cancer.Molecules that can damage cells and cause aging and lowering our system’s defenses, thus opening the door for a large number of illnesses to enter, are called free radicals.Their number can be decreased by using antioxidants. You may wonder why are w e mentioning this now?Well, it is simple, both chia and flax seeds contain a certain amount of antioxidants, thus both being useful in this regard.When it comes to the antioxidants level, that is where flax seeds shine.They have around 15 times higher level of very specific antioxidant, used for fighting cancers, called lignans.That does not mean chia seed is useless in this regard. It just means that flax is better when it comes to fighting against cancer.A study has shown that everyday use of flax seeds may reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer, like breast cancer, for example.Another review, conducted with around 6.000 women, gave the same result, where the risk of getting breast cancer was reduced by 18%.Men, do not worry, flax seed could help not just women, but you as well!One study showed that men who were using around 30g of flax seeds on a daily basis had reduced markers for prostate cancer.Of course, it means that the risk of getting a prostate cancer could be a bit lower, than with the men who do not use flax seed as prevention.Despite chia seeds have a lower amount of antioxidants, they are still useful in fighting cancer, just not in the same amount as flax seeds.It means that if you are looking for a certain type of anti-cancer food, you could still use both flax and chia seeds, combine both in different amounts and try to find the perfect food combination, see which seed goes well with certain type of food and then you could make both healthy and tasty meal, which could potentially lower the risk of getting certain types of cancer.4. Flax vs HungerAnother very good characteristic of fiber is that it is responsible for maintaining a normal level of appetite, as well as reducing the lust for food.More specifically, we are talking about a soluble fiber here.Soluble fiber does its job when it is mixed with water. When it is in that state, it becomes kind of sticky and makes us feel like we are not hungry for a longer time than usual, th us controlling our appetite level.And it does that by triggering a specific type of hormones, whose main task is to balance our appetite and control the feeling of being hungry.Again, the same as with antioxidants, the flax seed is a bit more effective in this regard as well. It contains around 40% of the soluble fiber, compared to only 5% found in chia seed.So people, if you want to get thinner faster, use flax seed.Studies were conducted about the effects of flax seeds on hunger and thirstiness.Experimental group got food and drink, both containing around 30g of flax seeds and the results showed that they were less hungry and thirsty afterward than the people from the control group, who weren’t given the food and drink that contained the flax seeds.As for chia seeds, a study was conducted where people got bread with different amount of chia seeds.The results showed that people who got the bread with more chia seeds were generally less hungry afterward than those who got the food with fewer chia seeds.There weren’t too many studies that compared both chia and flax seeds in the regard of reducing the appetite, so the conclusion is that both contribute to the decrease of appetite and control of hunger, with the addition that flax seeds are probably a bit more effective, due to the higher amount of soluble fiber.5. Improved DigestionA healthy body requires a good digestive system.It helps us process all the food and other materials we use, by keeping the good ones and removing the bad ones.If the digestion system doesn’t work properly, we may experience some unpleasant situations and side effects, like constipation and diarrhea.That’s why it is very important to keep our digestive system healthy and both chia and flax seeds could help us with that.Both seeds contain some amount of fiber, which can be divided into two different types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber.We have already explained what soluble fiber is, that it helps us reduce the feeling of being hungry or thirsty.Insoluble fiber has the opposite effect, we can say it acts like a laxative and helps with digestion problems.Therefore, it is really important to have a nice balance of both soluble and insoluble fiber, as disbalance of those could create some issues like constipation or diarrhea.HOW TO EAT CHIA AND FLAX SEEDS?Now, for the ways to eat chia and flax seeds, there isn’t really much to say about it.They can be used very easily with almost any type of food, due to their structure and taste.That means you can experiment and create a perfect combination of food you like and enjoy.For example, if you like pudding as I do, you could check out this video and make your own healthy pudding with chia and flax seeds. This ability to experiment allows you to make some tasty and healthy snacks, that you can bring to work or school.If you are looking for a perfect quantity to use, well, it all depends on how much you actually eat during the day.The general opinion is th at you should use around 10-20g of chia or flax seeds on a daily basis, so you can use that number as guidance.As for the question of whether to eat them whole or crushed, it really depends on your needs and the meals you are using them with.Generally, flax seeds are bigger and thicker than chia seeds, so they are usually used crushed, so you would be able to get all the nutrients out of them in an easier way.When we talk about chia seeds, we can say that they are generally consumed whole, but if you crush them, you can get a bit higher amount of nutrients out of them.And lastly, the way you should keep them is very important, in order for them not to become rancid.That said, you should keep both chia and flax seed in a fridge or a freezer, so they would stay fresh and tasty whenever you need to use them.FINAL WORDThat’s all folks! We have gone over the benefits of using chia and flax seeds in your regular diet.We have seen that they are very useful when it comes to keeping our bo dy healthy and that they could prevent some serious diseases, like cancer or diabetes.They are generally very easy to use and are easily mixed with any type of food, which means that you don’t have to withhold from eating the food you like.You just need to create a habit of using them, in order to keep your body healthy and strong throughout all the life circumstances.

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Assessing Of Civil And Common Laws - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1052 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Type Compare and contrast essay Did you like this example? First of all, I would like to give some information about Civil law. Civil Law or Roman Law is second well-known legal system in the Western World which is obtained from the Roman Empire. The Civil Law system described a system whereby the law of the land gains from the civil authority or the state. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Assessing Of Civil And Common Laws" essay for you Create order In general, Civil law was intended to avoid future debates and guide behavior or when that guidance failed, to set forward the penalties or restore that would be available for the failure to so bear. The Civil Law system is still the foundational system in many parts of the world, including continental Europe and Latin America.Civil law is sometimes referred to as neo-Roman law, Romano-Germanic law or Continental law.  [1]  Moreover, civil law is the branch of law handling with debates between individuals and companies in which victim may be awarded by compensation. For example, in a car crash victim claims damages against the driver for injury sustained in an accident and this will be a civil case.  [2] As for common law, it is the body of law which developed by judges through decisions of courts and similar tribunals, rather than from statutes or constitutions. In this system of law past cases and their decisions are depended on to resolve what the outcome have to be in a present case. This application of past decisions to present cases is called precedent  [3]  . (Wikipedia 2010) Difference between civil and common law systems In general, civil law systems differs from common law systems in many ways. First of all, if we look in history, common law was developed by custom, beginning before there were any written laws and continuing to be applied by courts while civil law developed out of the Roman law of Justinians Corpus Juris Civilis. Moreover, in Civil law systems, laws set the general principles of the law particularly by stating them; the courts then make their own explanation of those general principles once again in each case to arrive at conclusions about how those general principles translate into details. Civil and common law systems also different in criminal procedure. In fact, in civil law system plays a more active role in verifying the facts of the case. Besides that civil law countries examine main crimes by using the inquisitorial system. Moreover, civil law systems rely much more on written argument than oral argument.  [4] Substantive and procedural law Substantive law is the constitutional law which manages the rights and responsibilities those who are subject to it. Substantive law classifies the legal relationship of people with other people or between the state and people. Substantive law identifies crimes and penalties in criminal law as well as civil rights and responsibilities in civil law.  [5] Procedural law is the rule which a court determines what is happening in civil and criminal proceedings  [6]  . Procedural law is different from substantive law that creates, identifies and controls the human rights and responsibilities of individuals. Federal and state constitutions, statues as well as legal decisions are main for substantive civil law on issues such as contracts and probate. The vital concern of procedural law is fair, orderly, efficient and predictable application of substantive laws.  [7] It is a popular fact that the judicial system divides into two types of cases. They are civil and criminal procedures. Now I am going to discuss the differences between civil and criminal procedure. Before mentioning the differences, I consider that it is important to give the general information about these procedures. Civil procedure To begin with civil procedure, it is the body of law that sets out the rules and principles which judges follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits whereas in criminal procedure vice versa. The civil procedure is the procedure which apply in cases which are not considered as criminal. In general, government use criminal trials in order to protect and provide help to the public through punishing an individual. Everyone can use civil trial in turn to implement or protect their rights through orders which are given by courts and by monetary rewards.  [8] Criminal procedure à ¢ÃƒÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¬ÃƒÆ'†¦Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Criminal procedures are safeguards against the indiscriminate application of criminal laws and the wanton treatment of suspected criminals. Specifically, they are designed to enforce the constitutional rights of criminal suspects and defendants, beginning with initial police contact and continuing through arrest, investigation, trial, sentencing, and appealsà ¢ÃƒÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ Ã‚  [9]  ( 2010) It is a obvious that criminal procedures are different from civil procedure and in the following paragraphs I will state the difference between these procedures and give some examples in order to support my point of view. For instance, in England if someone defines as a defendant, English criminal court can force the person who commit the crime to pay fine as a punishment and he or she may have to pay the legal cost of the action. Nevertheless, the victim of a crime pursue his cla im for damages in a civil, not a criminal action. In France, a person who suffer from crime may be rewarded damages by a criminal court judge. In criminal procedures the person who commit a crime risks not only to pay financial penalties but also will be sent to prison and this system is higher then civil one. à ¢ÃƒÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¬ÃƒÆ'†¦Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“In a criminal case a crime cannot be proven if the person or persons judging it doubt the guilt of the suspect and have a reason for this doubt. But in a civil case, the court will weigh all the evidence and decide what is most probable.à ¢ÃƒÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚  ( 2010) The evidence in civil action is more necessarily acceptable then the evidence from in criminal trial. For instance, the person who injured from road accident does not have benefit if the driver who injured him or her is found guilty of careless driving crime. He has to prove his case in civil act ion even he might be able to prove his civil case even the driver found not guilty in the criminal trial.  [10] Conclusion To sum up I would like to restate that civil and common legal systems are very important and plays significant role in our life as I said in the introduction. As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs there are some differences between civil (continental) and common law legal systems as well as in their criminal and civil procedure.

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Breast Cancer A Malignant Tumour Essay - 1854 Words

BREAST CANCER The health issue I am investigating is breast cancer in New Zealand. Breast cancer is a malignant tumour, a group of cancer cells that can grow into surrounding tissues or spread to distant areas of the body, that starts in the cells of the breast. If a breast lump is found, or any other symptoms (change in size/shape, dimpling of the skin, discharge etc.) , one would be referred to a breast specialist. From this point there are three stages in accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. The first is a clinical examination with a specialist. They will examine both breasts, checking the size, position and other characteristics (hard/soft, regular/irregular) as well as discussing how long the lump has been there for and whether it is painful. The doctor will also discuss about previous breast lumps and family history. The next stage is a mammogram and/or ultrasound scan. A mammogram is a safe low dose x-ray of the breast tissue that indicates any suspicious areas (This method can detect ca ncer far before a lump can be seen or felt). An ultrasound scan (sonography) uses sound waves to form an image of the breast tissue, usually used to target a specific area of concern after a mammogram. The ultrasound can help distinguish between cysts (fluid filled sacs) and solid masses. The third stage of diagnosis is the Biopsy. In biopsies, doctors take cells/tissue samples from the suspicious lump so they can be analysed in a laboratory. There are four types of biopsies: FineShow MoreRelatedAdvanced Computational Intelligence Techniques For Hypoglycemia Monitoring System1204 Words   |  5 Pagesbiomedical applications (breast cancer detection) RESEARCH AREA OF INTEREST : HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES 1. INTRODUCTION This project aims to develop improved microwave imaging algorithms using radar based time reversal signal processing coupled with tomographic reconstruction to solve for the inverse source and scattering problems that arise in microwave imaging for localization of suspicious tissue regions as well as to estimate the shapes and dielectric properties of potentially malignant lesions within highlyRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1341 Words   |  6 PagesWhat I chose to research on my cancer project was breast cancer, since breast cancer is one of the second deadliest cancers among women I felt like I should research into this topic more in-depth. Anyone, no matter male or female, we are born with some breast cells and tissue. Even though males do not develop milk-producing breasts, a man s breast cells and tissue can still develop cancer. Male breast cancer is very rare, yet more fatale because they are less likely to assume the lump is possiblyRead MoreFactors That Increase The Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer Essay2098 Words   |  9 Pagesthat increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that can be identified early by looking at the risk factors and family history that a patient has for the specific disease. Because Thompson had a family history where her mother and cousin had breast cancer, her chances are increased. Because she is older than 50 and has never had children and is still having her menstrual cycle are indicators to show that she has breast cancer. If Ann has not been living an activeRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1471 Words   |  6 PagesBreast cancer Introduction to Breast cancer Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer only surpassed by lung cancer. It involves a cancerous tumour located inside the breast but spreads if treatment is not administered. (Evert et al 2011) Breast cancer can be treated if diagnosed in its early stages but becomes progressively more difficult upon reaching more advancing malignant stages. Breast cancer can be confused with being a female only disease however both sexes suffer. AccordingRead MoreThe Effects Of Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer885 Words   |  4 Pagesfor breast cancer include: -Taxanes: The max active and greatly popular used chemotherapy agents to treat breast cancer at an early stage. -Anthracyclines: Used in treatments for an early stage of breast cancer for many years, although concerns about associated cardiotoxicity or leukemogenesis may remain. -Tamoxifen: utilised in the treatment of ER (oestrogen receptors) certain breast cancers. Moreover, reduces the potential of oestrogen to promote existing micrometastases or quiescent tumour cellsRead MoreNeoplasia10526 Words   |  43 Pagesprocess of new growth whilst Neoplasm means a new growth. Sometimes, the parenchyma cells stimulate the formation of an abundant collagenous stroma, referred to as desmoplasia. Some tumours e.g. some cancers of breast are stony hard or scirrhous. Sarcomas have little connective tissue stroma and so are fleshy. Pseudo tumours: i) An ectopic rest of normal tissue is sometimes called a choristoma e.g a rest of adrenal cells under the kidney capsule or a pancreatic nodular rest in the mucosa of the smallRead MoreMedical Advancements And Treatment Of Cancer1587 Words   |  7 PagesMalignant neoplasia, more commonly known as cancer, can arise anywhere in the body in various sizes, shape and form, and can affect anyone. The treatment of cancer depend s on the various factors, namely the type of cancer, how far it has grown and spread, and how fast it is growing. Medical advancements are continuing to benefit the treatment of cancer, as they are being detected earlier and patients are living longer. I will be discussing the three most used cancer treatments; surgery, chemotherapyRead MoreThe Death Of The Word Cancer Strikes Fear Into The Hearts Of So Most Hardened Of Us1658 Words   |  7 PagesEssay Just the thought of the word cancer strikes fear into the hearts of even the most hardened of us. In excess of over 300,000 people were diagnosed with cancer back in 2011 according to statistics published on the cancer research website. Nearly 400 per 100,000 people in the UK alone were diagnosed with some variant of cancer in 2011, with lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer topping the charts. Of all the people diagnosed with cancer in 2012, just over 161,000 died withRead MoreEarly Detection Of Breast Cancer971 Words   |  4 Pageswomen were diagnosed in 2012, making the breast cancer the most commun cancer (1). In United States, breast cancer represent 29% of new cases expected to be diagnosed in 2015 of all cancer, and is one of the most common cancer diagnosed after skin cancer. It is also unfortunatley the second cause of death cancer within women, and 17% death cases are expected in 2015 for invasive breast cancer (IBC), among the new cases (2). Among the 61% of the breast cancer diagnosed at a confined stage, the 5-yearRead MoreCancer And The Second Point1432 Words   |  6 PagesSince the beginning of time cancer has had a major impact on the world, from your love ones or your self slowly dying from it. What is Cancer, where did it come from, how did we as humans get it? Who does it affect? Are there different types of cancer? Can I get cancer? These are just some questions that can go through a persons mind just thinking about cancer or seeing it in the media. The Definition of cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body

Symbolism in “The Natural” Free Essays

The novel The Natural by Bernard Malamud is an excellent peace of sports literature. It follows the story of Roy Hobbs as he is reaching old age in the game of baseball. The plot follows his initial talent in a scene set years before the main plot. We will write a custom essay sample on Symbolism in â€Å"The Natural† or any similar topic only for you Order Now Sixteen years afterwards the man is playing for a losing team but can still wow the audience with his raw talents. As the story progresses Roy is characterized through his actions and through the way the supporting characters view him. One symbol that made this work more resounding is the cracking of Roy’s back in the climatic game. This event has a lot of hidden meaning, and helps convey Malamud’s theme to the audience. The first scene in the story is where Malamud expresses the level of talent â€Å"wonderboy†, as he is affectionately called, possesses. He is squaring off against a big league allstar known as the Whammer; â€Å"At thirty-three the Whammer still enjoyed exceptional eyesight. He saw the ball spin off Roy’s fingertips and it reminded him of a white pigeon he had kept as a boy, that he would send into flight by flipping it into the air. The ball flew at him and he was conscious of its bird-form and white flapping wings he heard a noise like the bang of a firecracker at his feet and Sam had the ball in his mitt. Unable to believe his ears he heard Mercy intone a reluctant strike. † (Malamud). This quote is significant because it expresses the potential of the protagonist. It is through these great feats of athletic prowess that we the reader gets to respect him. It makes the plot more important to the reader, as well. This all leads up to the finale with Hobb’s putting it all on the line. The aspect of love is a component to this novel. While Roy is everything to be admired in the athletic sphere, he shows a deeply human aspect to his personality in his dealings with his love interest; â€Å"Noticing Toomey watching her, Roy stole a quick look. He caught the red dress and a white rose [he was] drawn by the feeling that her smile was for him she seemed to be wanting to say something, and then it flashed on him the reason she was standing was to show her confidence in him he became aware that the night had spread out in all directions and was filled with an unbelievable fragrance. (Malamud) Malamud gives his character a truly human characteristic which makes him all the more enduring. As the novel’s rising action takes place, the â€Å"natural’s† intentions are called into question. During the climatic scene, Roy fouls a ball into the stands that injures Iris. During this at bat, Roy also splits his bat, named wonder boy, into two pieces. This is a multilayered piece of symbolism which helps express the author’s true intentions upon writing this novel. The fact that he injures Iris expresses how he is hurting the one’s he loves through his sports persona. He must rectify the relationship between his athletic personality and his human one. It is also significant how it happened on a â€Å"foul† ball, which suggests a seedy side to the tone of this event. Finally, the fact that his bat is split into two pieces shows that he is finally ready to move on from the game he spent his life pursuing. In a conversation late in the novel Roy says this brilliant quote; â€Å"Experience makes good people better. † She was staring at the lake. â€Å"How does it do that? † â€Å"Through their suffering. † â€Å"I had enough of that,† he said in disgust. We have two lives, Roy, the life we learn with and the life we live with after that. Suffering is what brings us toward happiness All it taught me was to stay aware from it. I am sick of all I have suffered. † She shrank away a little. † (Malamud) This is a fitting way to leave the reader of the noel, and let them know what Malamud was getting at. The cha racterization and symbolism of this book really make it a significant contribution to sports literature. He is a larger than life figure with wholly human emotions. He is an epic hero for a contemporary period, and Malamud communicates this beautifully. How to cite Symbolism in â€Å"The Natural†, Papers

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The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Research free essay sample

The Grapes Of Wrath * Essay, Research Paper The fresh Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, illustrates the adversities of the common adult male in great item. The one facet of this book that displays life as it exists in the hostile real-world is the 3rd chapter, in which the homo predicament is displayed by a polo-neck, and his battle to make the other side of a route. As the polo-neck is about to make his end, it is returned to it # 8217 ; s original location, but it does non hesitate in it # 8217 ; s finding, and continues across the route until it reaches the other side. The characters most easy identified with in this book are the Joad household, and Jim Casy. Each character undergoes enormous grief and load, yet they stay true to their programs, and neer give up. While the Joad household is traveling from Oklahoma to California, Ma Joad holds the household together, becuase her belief that a broken-family will non be able to carry through their mammoth undertaking, is true. We will write a custom essay sample on The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Research or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This is displayed by her non leting the two autos to divide and get at California at different times, when one of the autos breaks down, as they are go forthing Oklahoma. Pa Joad was a hardworking adult male, who is uplifted from his normal manner of life, and is forced to history for his household non hungering. He does non manage this move really good, and throughout the book, he is confused, and non every bit froward as Ma. Tom Joad is a really complicated single, who is a enormous plus and at the same clip, a enormous load. His word cuases his household an unnecessary concern, while his ability to acquire work while really few people bash, besides benefited the household. He is the chief protagonasist for his household, with his independent nature, and the chief follower of Jim Casy # 8217 ; s philosophy on human nature, with Jim being much more of a speaker, and an dreamer to really set what he preached into action. Jim Casy has fequently been compared with Jesus Christ, and his life style of sermon and taking people in a rebellion, every bit good as giving himself for Tom and the Joad household demonstrates this common held belief good. He besides had a follower, or adherent in Tom, who after Jim # 8217 ; s decease carries his message, and AIDSs others with it. The Joad household along with Jim Casy show the benefit of people unifying in order to carry through ends, and this is a lesson that the reader can take away from this # 8220 ; authoritative # 8221 ; American novel. Bibliography The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck